Lakewood Ranch is located within the Manatee County region in Florida. The area was the likely landing site for the Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto along with his crew of conquistadors in 1539. Other explorers like Josiah Gates landed on the area as well, but it was later unofficially founded in 1855. Manatee County stretches almost 900 sq mi (2,300 km2) including waterways, which provided an exceptional source of transportation. Railroads, bridges, and roadways were eventually added for an easier access in and out of the area.


Lakewood Ranch has dedicated half of its land for parks, trails, and recreational fun. The trails alone stretch over 150 miles of the land.

Along with parks and trails that make up most of the land, Lakewood Ranch has also put great importance on golf and tennis. Four notable country clubs are Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club, Legacy Golf Club, the Ritz Carlton’s Members Club, and The Concession Golf Club. Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club provides three levels of courses to cater the right amount of difficulty to every player. The names of the three are King’s Dunes, Cypress Links, and Country Club East.

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